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Romà Bus is a small family business founded by Romà Minguella i Boleda in 1988 Since then, we have taken over the business following the spirit of service and cordiality that always characterised our father.
Our main goal is to be able to offer personalised services for every occasion, building solid, sustainable relationships with clients based on trust and a human-based approach. We are committed to our clients and connect with them through their names, never through a number.
This is why we always aim at partnering with people and companies with the same sensitivity and approach to business on all levels, from our employees to our collaborators, suppliers, and clients.
We want to be craftsmen of transport.


Through our fleet and a wide portfolio of collaborators, we cover the full range of road passenger service: from taxis to VTC, high-capacity coaches and a wide variety of intermediate sizes.
Our vehicles fully comply with all the technical and active and passive safety features required by current regulations.
In addition to ensuring our coaches include state-of-the-art standard equipment, they are also permanently geolocated which offers our clients the possibility of tracking them in real time.


We have recently installed the most advanced ozone disinfectant and negative ion air purifier in the market on all our coaches in response to the new COVID-19 crisis and have ensured the required good hygiene and safety measures on board. This device has been certificed by INTA

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Telèfon +34 972 373 168